Bounce Back Offers

In Retail or Automotive?  Bounce Back with Blue Print.

What a year 2020 has been so far and for not many great reasons either?  Bushfires, floods, crisis within the royal family, police brutality, civil unrest to name but a few and, dare we say it, Coronavirus.  That itself has wreaked havoc on the world we know with the countries locked down, business and commerce halted in their tracks, major sporting events cancelled, economic downturn and catastrophic unemployment looming. 

Moreover, if that’s not enough to deal with, if your business has been forced to close or scale back significantly, you’re now in BOUNCE BACK mode and need to find new (or old) ways to engage with customers and prospects that you haven’t seen in a while.  What better way to do that than by Direct Mail?  After all, you can’t get closer to your client than having YOUR promotional leaflet or marketing letter directly in THEIR hands. 

At Blue Print Direct Mail, we can help you to achieve that task in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  We have developed our Bounce Back Offers, giving you great value marketing campaigns at a fixed cost.  You will know what you’re getting, and you will know what you’re paying which will help you to budget your way back into booming business.

Lockdown has forced many businesses to rethink their modus operandi and change the ways in which they reach their marketplace.  Perhaps you’ve built your first website, started e-commerce trading online for the first time, developed an app, started a delivery service or created other ingenious ways to do business.  You need to let your existing loyal customer base and potential new ones know about these developments. 

Not done Direct Mail before?  Let us help you out.

If you’ve never used direct mail or it’s been a while, we can help you with the process and make sure you follow our top tips from the initial planning stages right through to implementing an engaging and effective campaign. 

1. Scope out the campaign:  What are you hoping to achieve?  Are you solving a problem? Do you have a new product, offer or incentive? Keep it simple – ideally one message only.

2. Who is your target audience? Don’t think too wide and dilute your message.  Make it personal to the prospect.  We can help with targeting if necessary (see more below).

3. The design is crucial.  It needs to attract attention with striking imagery or a grabbing headline.  Include a call to action and possibly an urgency caveat such as ‘offer ends’ or ‘limited stock’ to prompt a quick response to the mailing.  Again, we can help with design if required.

4. Implement the direct mail campaign and support it in other ways to reinforce the message.  We can help with matching email campaigns and design of corresponding social media posts.  If you have the time, also follow up by phone where possible.  We have the ability to carry out this on your behalf if required.

Partially Addressed Mail.

Now might be the right time to talk a little more about data and audiences.  If you’re reluctant to try this approach because you have no database, we have the solution.  Behind every door in the UK, there is an audience with a demographic profile and, as a Royal Mail partner, we can help target these UK households using their Partially Addressed Mail service. 

In Royal Mail’s own words, this is how it works:

With Partially Addressed Mail, you can reach new customers without having to buy marketing lists. It's a precise acquisition tool, allowing you to target at full postcode level, typically around 15 households. The planning team can help find the best prospects for your mail campaign using geo-demographics for accurate targeting, and even remove existing customers to help keep your costs down.

Find the best prospects for your mailing using geo-demographics for accurate targeting
Save up to 4p per item with this cost-effective service
Tailor your communications to your audience to make your mail campaign relevant to new prospects
Engage your customers by addressing them with relevant titles such as ‘Luxury Traveller’ or ‘Smart Investor’

Other ways to use Direct Mail

Another great use of direct mail is to send promotional items or samples to existing clients or prospects.  Why not personalise these items if possible?  We can take the hassle out of sending small quantities or even single items to a vast number of households with our fulfilment service and we can obtain great postage rates to boot – certainly better than taking items to the local post office counter or buying a book of stamps.  We can give that professional look to your campaign and your credibility factor will be raised.

Are you holding an event or re-opening your premises after lockdown?  Need people to book now for what they could previously turn up to uninvited?  Sent personalised invitations to your clients detailing the new normal for you and them.  Leave nothing to chance and tell them how you will be able to operate your business safely for them to return confidently.

The uses for direct mail are endless and some of the methods ingenious, we could go on forever.  See our download for prices to get your message out! 

In Conclusion

So back to Coronavirus our parting shot.  Our Prime Minister sent one communication to every household in the UK and told us what we might expect and what we should do. 

Q.  How did he send that communication?