Discover! Creative Careers Week

Blue Print Direct Mail took part in the Discover! Creative Careers Week, on the 20th November, taking in 7 students from Westacre Middle School in Droitwich.

Discover! Creative Careers is a programme which entails employers from creative industries, opening their doors to young people, to inspire and inform the next generation of workers.

The day started at 9:30am, with 7 enthusiastic students, keen to learn about direct mail and the processes the mail must go through, before landing on the recipient’s doormat. The activities included;

  • Welcome from the owner
  • Tour of the offices and production room
  • Question and answer exercise
  • Design a party invite, with a prize for the best invite

One of our favourite questions asked by the students was “How long does it take to print something?”. In which, we responded; “Previously, we have turned a job around in a day; from providing a quote, to it being printed”. We also had some feedback from the day, one of the students said, “I have really enjoyed looking at the offices, seeing how Blue Print design and print leaflets and other types of printing”.

We hope the students enjoyed the day as much as we did- we definitely needed a good sit down afterwards! We hope to take part in this excellent opportunity again. It was really worthwhile to help young students discover new skills and learn a little snippet about what it’s like to work in the printing industry and the wide range of skills needed, to deliver good quality direct mail marketing.

Blue Print’s mission is to advise you on the best direct mail marketing methods to reach your customers. We can offer an all-inclusive: mailing design, data preparation, personalised printing, order fulfilment and returns management service, or select specific services tailored to your mailing campaign requirement.