How rude can a person be?

Well actually, it would appear, you can be as rude as you wish to the people you work with if they are fellow politicians. Even to leaders or heads of states in other countries; it all seems to be acceptable?

So, what happened to workers rights? You know the ones that come under harassment:

*Harassment becomes unlawful when: Enduring the offensive conduct becomes a prerequisite to continued employment, or. The conduct is severe or pervasive enough that a reasonable person would consider the workplace intimidating, hostile, or abusive.


How glad are you that we work in a company where we have total respect for our fellow workers and customer’s? What a pleasure to work in an environment where people are well mannered, considerate, friendly, polite and thoughtful.

If the general population in their work place, were to act in the way our democratically elected MP’s have acted over the ‘BREXIT’ situation, we would not last very long and could even find ourselves in a judicial situation.

When you work for a company, it is like joining a family. You all work for the common good, in order to offer exceptional customer service. The goal is to obtain a customer’s order and fulfil this requirement in such a way that they will return in the future.

Here at Blue Print Direct Mail, we try our hardest to accommodate the customer’s requirements and work as a team to meet their expectations. Perhaps we are naive or perhaps we could teach some others a thing or two?

If you would like to be treated with respect, listened to and receive what you asked for; then please get in touch with us and we will deliver your direct mail to your exacting requirements.