Why You Should Include Direct Mail In Your 2021 Marketing Plan

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, marketers are under greater pressure than ever to ensure every marketing pound spent counts. Acquiring and retaining customers and driving efficiencies are harder than at any time in living memory and marketers need to work with more effective media models. Sadly, in the increasingly digitalised world we occupy, many forget how effective print media is. What better way to engage your client and cut through the digital noise than sending your audience a quality piece of personalised direct mail, especially if they are isolated at home.

With many people remotely working away from the office due to COVID-19, they are increasingly likely to give mail more time and attention as it breaks from their digital lives. Royal Mail research shows that businesses are increasingly turning towards direct mail to reach consumers at home.

  • 41% plan to send more Advertising Mail in 2021 (vs 24% less)
  • 51% found mail post-lockdown to be effective 
  • 77% reported mail to be beneficial to some extent.

Further research carried out by the Royal Mail shows that 65% of respondents said they are more likely to give something in their hand their greater attention over email. However, this is not to say that you should not email your audience as this is still a fantastic tool to communicate. However, did you know that email marketing campaigns combined with direct mail are 44% stronger as the message becomes encoded into a person’s memory?

For more useful insights, please download our guide below to see why you should be including direct mail in your 2021 marketing plan. Take a look at the PDF to see how you can claim your introductory offer.

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