Brexit and the UK Leisure industry

As the BREXIT negotiations continue, many people are concerned about the implications this will have on overseas holidays. Christmas is over and the New Year celebrations are fading with every week that passes, so it is quite natural for us all to search for the next event to look forward to.

With our UK climate often bleak at the start of the new year, many holiday companies and leisure activities promote their venues to the general public in the first three months of each year. This is because most people will be planning their summer holidays between January and April, to get the date in the diary and give themselves something to look forward to. However, this year is extraordinary, with the BREXIT deal still very much in the air: the British public and the leisure industry are understandably getting a little nervous.

What impact could BREXIT have on the UK leisure industry?

BREXIT could quite possibly work in the favour of the UK leisure companies. With the UK weather seeming to get warmer each year, more people in Great Britain are taking UK holidays.

According to a 2018 study completed by ABTA:

  • 26% of consumers went on a UK only holiday
  • 43% went both UK and abroad
  • 17% went abroad
  • 14% of consumers going on no holidays

With 26% of consumers going on a UK only holiday and 43% going on both UK and abroad in 2018, this could realistically increase in 2019, especially with the uncertainty of European travel.

If you are in the UK leisure industry, this is the best time for you to promote yourself!

There has never been a better opportunity for the UK Leisure industry to showcase what they have to offer. With the UK population more inclined to take a UK holiday this year, than any other, it is important that effort is put into promotions. We have some wonderful holidays and attractions in the UK and these very visually attractive venues lend themselves to marketing communications.

This is where Blue Print Direct Mail can assist you in seizing this great opportunity. Have you ever thought about using print to target your audience? You could promote your venue; using your previous visitors customer base: mailing them direct to remind them of your attraction, prospective new customers using partially addressed letters, use door drops, or insert cards in the local press.

If you would like to make the most of this opportunity, get in touch with Blue Print Direct Mail to enquire how we can work with you to increase your bookings.