Celebrating a life well-lived and well-loved. A Summer Celebration Garden Appeal.

The death of a loved one is a topic that most people find difficult to talk about but as part of a healing process, it’s something that needs to happen and people need to know how they can express their love for the ones they have lost.  But how best to go about this and make conversations happen?

One method used by hospices that deal with this fact of life, is to hold events in celebration of lives that have been lost.  It allows the families and friends left behind to raise up the memory of their loved ones and to talk about their loss but also to remember the wonderful aspects of those people who were once their nearest and dearest. 

These celebrations can take place at any time of year and during our years of handling direct mail campaigns for hospices, we have been able to help them reach their supporters with many summer Celebration Garden events and have even been able to sponsor these events too.  

Many of them involve a display of hundreds of garden sculptures like a flower or an insect.  Supporters donate to the hospice in memory of someone who is no longer with them and in return, at the end of the event, get to keep one of the sculptures so that they can continue to celebrate that life in their own way.

If you work at a hospice or charity, you will probably be familiar with this type of event and here at Blue Print, we can be with you from start to finish and support in many ways. 

Once you have the framework of your event agreed, we can help with the design and carry out the accompanying appeal mailing from start to finish at our premises in Worcestershire.  We can adapt those designs across other print media assets such as posters or banners and even adapt further for social media and digital purposes. 

In 2021 and 2022, we were able to partner with St Richard’s Hospice as sponsor and took part in set up and break down on site.  The culmination was our ability to pack up and send out hundreds of the bees and butterflies on behalf of the hospice to those who had been unable to collect them in person.

I hope you will agree, that here at Blue Print we are not your normal mailing house. By working together we can enhance your much needed support.

Why not let us look after your event with you?  If you have an upcoming campaign to discuss, please email charity@bpdm.uk or call 01905 621118.