Communicating in the Automotive Retail Sector

Wheelin’ & Dealin’ or Duckin’ & Divin’ – how motor dealers can avoid looking like Arfur Daley!

In recent years, a lot of time, effort and money has been spent by big motor brands in bringing their image, customer service and communication levels up to scratch.  Long gone are the days of Arthur Daley, his dodgy dealings and cars that break down the minute you’re 100 metres from the forecourt (well mostly). 

Nonetheless, there is still a small level of stigma about car salesmen and how they tend to be focussed on closing the deal at all costs in order to ensure they get paid.  Of course, not all dealerships are like that and some are extremely efficient and effective at giving great customer service and communicating with clients, former current, and conquest. 

For all car sales, new or used, OEM requirements are such that they have strict guidelines to follow regarding the communications that need to go out in a particular order and once a transaction has concluded, there are usually surveys that are sent out and dealerships must score highly in these in order to reap their bonuses from the manufacturer.

The same goes with marketing communications.  Very often, the brand will have assets available for purchase or download by the retailers and, where required, be able to work with a third party agency or printer to give the best results for dealerships. 

Forward Thinking

If you’re planning for the March 21 plate new registration, why not hold a virtual event and make appointments for your clients to connect digitally with your staff and view the models in a safe and socially distanced manner.

This scenario is perfect for sending a personalised invitation by direct mail and making you stand out from the other brands.  With that personal touch, you can’t get closer to your customer than having your communication in their hand and when teamed with effective digital marketing, you can truly get that message home and entice them to get in touch. 

Here to Help

This is where Blue Print Direct Mail can help.  We can take over all your print communications both marketing and transactional.  Our extensive experience in these fields can help alleviate the pressures of administrative tasks and marketing projects and free up staff to focus on giving the best customer experience possible.

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