Direct Mail Facts and Statistics

Consumers continue to have confidence in mail. It’s trusted and believed among all age groups. In this article, we share the top 15 best direct mail statistics.

  1. 56% of all mail items are still in the home after 28 days. [1]

  2. 88% of Gen Z respondents would prefer brand experiences which are delivered by blending digital and physical channels. [2]

  3. Direct Mail has a 96% engagement rate. [3]

  4. Direct Mail campaign open rates can be as high as 90%. [4]

  5. Adding personalisation to your Direct Mail increases response rates by 135%. [5]

  6. 86% of people connected with business as a direct result of receiving Direct Mail. [3]

  7. 87% of people were influenced to make an online purchase as a direct result of receiving Direct Mail. [3]

  8. 92% of people driven to online or digital activity as a direct result of receiving Direct Mail. [3]

  9. 94% of First Class mail arrives next working day. [6]

  10. 87% of people consider mail believable. [3]

  11. 80% of people said that they can remember seeing or reading some mail sent to them in the last four weeks. [3]

  12. 70% of consumers say mail makes them feel valued as a customer. [3]

  13. Direct Mail is 49% more memorable than email. [3]

  14. Personalised Direct Mail is read an average of 4.5 times. [3]

  15. 44% of the UK population now looks forward to receiving mail. [7]

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