Direct Mail Tips and Tricks

We have collated our top tips from a few of our staff members to help you conduct an effective direct mail campaign.

First up we have Jo, our Marketing Manager’s top tip.

Make sure you include a great offer/CTA. Discount codes, money off vouchers, samples, free entry coupons will give a great response. People love to feel like they’re getting something for nothing and if they need to sign up online to get that offer, you will have a readymade database for remarketing purposes. This will prove invaluable especially if the customer has had a great experience with your offer and you can use specific URLs and landing pages to track response. 

Next up we have Amy, our Digital Marketing Executive’s top tip.

Recipients love advertising that has a personal touch. Research shows that people are much more likely to engage with advertising that they feel has been specifically tailored to them. Include appropriate personal details or specifically tailored promotions in your mailings to engage new customers on a more familiar level. For example, you could include names, birthdays, specific imagery to the individual or change the messaging so it is personalised to the individual - the list goes on. If you have the data, almost anything is possible with personalised printing.

Anthony, our Managing Director’s top tip.

Be clear/realistic about your goals for the campaign and how you will measure success. Direct Mail has a long track record and thus there is a good chance either we or the Royal Mail might have stats on your sector.

Anna, our Creative Artworker.

If you're sending artwork to us, please supply it as a PDF. You can save some time and avoid common issues by following the checklist below when you create the PDF in your software:

  • "Press ready" PDF
  • CMYK
  • 300dpi
  • Fonts must be embedded
  • Crop/trim marks
  • 3mm bleed
  • Supplied as single pages

We will always check your artwork as a matter of course. If we do find any problems, we can help to rectify them with you.

Wayne, our Estimator.

Have a basic understanding of any budget targets or restraints at the outset, can help to focus the scope of the campaign.

Phil, Operations Manager.

You can really make the most out of your campaign and maximise savings by using Royal Mail incentives. It is worth enquiring to see if you qualify for any of their incentives. We can advise you on these and will be happy to help. You can take a look at Royal Mail’s website here to learn more.

We hope you have found these top tips useful. If you would like further advice on creating your direct mail marketing campaigns, get in touch with us today for additional guidance on direct mail services. Please email us at or call us on 01905 621 118.