Do you want to improve the quality and turnaround of your mailings whilst also reducing your costs?

Our new equipment will help you do just that!

We have recently invested in two brand-new Konica Minolta C14000 digital presses that will help reduce costs and improve turnaround times for your print requirements. Producing unparalleled print quality and consistency, they also provide reliable and cost effective output with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Our C14000 presses deliver:

  • An increased productivity of 35%.
  • Intelligent Quality Care Unit scans every sheet and indicates any
    quality issues.
  • Automatic Density Variation Adjustment maintains colour conformity resulting in high quality output.
  • Automatic Registration keeps every sheet crisp and clear.
  • Automated Stacker Removal reduces downtime as printed sheets can removed whilst machine continues to run.
  • Prints on a large range of stocks from 70gsm up to 450gsm.
  • Embossed Paper Adjustment to improve print quality on textured stocks.
  • Up to 140 x A4 pages per minute or 80 x A3 pages per minute.

Please get in touch to discuss your print & post requirements. Our friendly team will work with you to get the best value for your money. Email or give us a call on 01905 621 118.