Education and Training - 80% Skills Shortage in the UK

As the UK continues its transformation into an increasingly digitally-led business environment, there are concerns and according to the British Chambers of Commerce, more companies are finding it harder than ever before to recruit staff.

So, what can organisations do to futureproof their businesses?

A staggering 93% of 294 firms surveyed for the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and education group Pearson, felt they knew best what employee skills they needed.

This major annual survey suggests, UK employers overwhelmingly want more control over training, with qualifications better tailored to meet their needs.

The CBI says skill shortages in key sectors may hamper the UK economic recovery. Over a third, (39%) of the firms surveyed indicated they were currently struggling to recruit workers with the skills they required: advanced scientific, technical, engineering and maths skills. Furthermore, 41% said they expected difficulties within the next three years.

The British Chambers of Commerce’s quarterly economic survey (6,000 firms employing over one million people across the UK), the UK’s largest private-sector survey of business confirm this sentiment. The results of the survey highlight the extent to which labour shortages have risen in the UK. As 81% of manufacturers who tried to recruit report difficulties in finding the right staff. This is the joint highest level since the survey began in 1989, With the services sector level reporting 70%, which is hovering close to the record high recorded in the previous quarter (72%).

It would appear, all these respected bodies have strong feelings and are in full support of this situation, with the research to back their concerns. There is a common message starting in the school education system through to vocational training

To add weight to this debate, New Direction, a Europe’s leading free-market political foundation & publisher with offices in Brussels, London, Rome & Warsaw (established by Margaret Thatcher) also joined in the debate:

In the 2019 report they stated, ‘For western Europe’s three largest developed economies, Germany, France and the UK, much of their success in the future will depend on how effectively they develop and sustain a highly-skilled, knowledge-based economy poised to compete globally. Not only will the economic and employment policy matter. So too will each country’s education and vocational training system, how successfully each educates pupils to realize their potential to the highest international standards, and how well each provides for a vocational training system to equip entrants to a high-value labour market for the years to come’. This reflects the frustration of the CBI and British Chamber of Commerce members.

Looking at France’s global ranking and high productivity which owes much to the successful cultivation of the country’s intellectual elite, the New Directive go on to say: ‘The UK system has neglected vocational education and training while also failing generally to nurture the academically most able. The focus of economic policy has been on the fiscal, monetary, regulatory framework and the UK’s successful sectors appear to have emerged without a linked formal education and vocational training policy. The vocational qualifications system is now being reformed and a new post 16 technical system will be introduced to run parallel with the academic’.

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*Source: Royal Mail MarketReach