Financial and Professional Service Trusted Communications

In today's uncertain times it is little wonder the general public is nervous about where to put any available spendable income. The affordable mid-market financial and professional service providers are watching the UK European relationship unfold with interest, but how long do they wait before they must take decisive action to communicate with the general public and give them the benefit of their valuable knowledge.

Life does go on regardless of what is happening in the world and we all need to put in place plans for the future. Be it, that extension we have been considering and the plans required, pension/financial investment advice, or even a Will to reassure ourselves that the inevitable is taken care of.

With security at the forefront of all our minds, it is important that when we receive communications from financial and professional service providers, we are confident it is from a reliable, trustworthy and credible source. Today's fast-moving online communication channels make it difficult for us to differentiate adverts and posts from genuine sources or scams/fake news.

There has been a lot of research into communication channels recently and it will probably come as no surprise that direct mail delivered by the postman scores very high:

51% of people prefer sensitive/confidential information by post*,

87% of people rate direct mail as believable*,

55% of people said direct mail gives a better impression of the sender*.

The general public needs these providers to contact them in this uncertain period, but they need to have faith in the source of the communication and the content of the message. For this reason, this market sector should not just rely on social media to get their messages and advice out into the general domain. They should take time to support their online activity with a well-designed, targeted direct mail piece to enforce and give credibility to their other communication channels and give their audience a piece of mind.

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*source:  Royal Mail Market Reach 2019