G.D.P.R. and Why ‘Clean’ Data Matters?

Your customer database is one of your most valuable assets and the importance of maintaining ‘clean’ records is paramount in any business. With G.D.P.R. legislation high upon the agenda, having a ship-shape database can have a profound impact upon your business and marketing campaigns.

When we say ‘clean’ we mean a few simple things:

Removal of those records that have opted out of marketing communications
Ensure existing customers’ details are up to date*
Make sure you have no duplicated contacts
Find those that have moved and any available forwarding addresses
Removal of any deceased persons
Correct poor address details
Make sure all records are maintained in a uniform manner
Eliminate junk contacts and those that have elicited no response in a long time

Once you have done all of this, you should have a great database that can be used for a variety of marketing functions, not least Direct Mail. 

67% of the 1 billion items of mail sent each year contain one or more errors

A Direct Mail marketing campaign to a clean database will mean that your costs are reduced because you do not print or post more than is necessary, you will be viewed as a credible provider, because your communications will show accurate contact details and not be duplicated, your brand will be protected because of the quality of mail you are sending out will be high and the measurement of your results will be more accurate. In short, when your database is up to date, you can be confident that you are only communicating with those that are genuinely interested in your products or services, thus reducing the likelihood of your mailing being thrown away before being read.

86% of mail is thrown away due to misspelt names

Using correctly addressed and personalised direct mail in your marketing campaign will increase:

Awareness of your brand
Customer acquisitions
Fund raising for charities
Take up of product launches
Promotion event success
High Street & E-Commerce
Sampling effectiveness

30% of people change addresses each year

At Blue Print Direct Mail, we want to help you to target your customers in the most cost-effective way possible. We can work with you on your database and put it through a secure stringent cleaning process. This will summarise exactly what is needed to be done to bring it up to date and then you can choose whether to go ahead. Using your database, we can also provide you with in-depth profiling information and help you to prospect to other areas that meet the same criteria. All of this will make your campaign highly targeted and cost effective. Most importantly, we make sure that you are G.D.P.R. compliant.

Do you still need convincing to clean your data?

*Subject to GDPR legislation and use of approved lists only.