Grow your business – Grow your customer base - Comply with GDPR

Are you looking for a cost-effective, highly targeted and responsible way to reach prospective customers?

With businesses no longer being able to use email marketing without an individual’s consent and with the fast-pace of social media, targeting your marketing messages to the ideal customer can prove to be a challenge.

Have you heard about Partially Addressed Mail?

It’s a new mail service sponsored by Royal Mail, designed for B2C businesses to target their ideal customers. It enables businesses to profile their existing customer base, to establish the type of prospects by profiling households using geo-demographics at postcode level, without the use of personal data.

How does it work?

Instead of addressing mail to an individual’s name, the item will be addressed to a pseudonym “Dear Partygoer” or “Dear Holiday Lover” or it can be campaign specific, allowing you to get really creative!

As you’re targeting at postcode level, you can top up your existing customer postcodes to target other houses in customer ‘rich’ postcode areas. The Royal Mail recommend combining the “top up method” with the “look-a-like” method, which identifies similar prospects by using geo-demographic profiling, helping you to maximise coverage and make your campaign successful.

Blue Print offer the service of profiling your existing customer base (at postcode level), which gives you a geo-demographic profile for ‘Partially Addressed Marketing’ and future activities.

Benefits of Partially Addressed Mail:

  • Reduced data costs, as you aren’t purchasing personal data
  • 30% more reach than a fully addressed Mailing by combining top-up and lookalike methods
  • Postal discounts (minimum requirement of 10,000 items)
  • Downstream postal services can be incorporated (UK Post, Whistle, etc.)
  • GDPR Compliant (uses no personal data about the recipient)
  • Targeted households (to an average of 15 per postcode)
  • Combines ‘top-up’ and ‘look-alike’ targeting
  • Addressable and campaign specific, e.g. to Valued Customer
  • Cheaper than advertising mail
  • Increases brand awareness

Partially Addressed Mail is an innovative new option that enables acquisition mailings to continue. It’s GDPR compliant, giving you more targeting options as it targets households rather than individuals. It can be integrated with other marketing channels to maximise the response and reach through demographic profiling, for example; Social Media Advertising.

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