How does using direct mail benefit the training and education sector?

Education and training never stop, it is a lifelong process. Starting in the early years and continuing into further education to compliment the skills required in specific jobs. However, guiding people to use your learning establishment, as opposed to others is a continual process of communication to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. This is when targeted Direct Mail comes into its own, able to send a strong message in an interesting way and the assurance that it will be opened and read.

It boosts your profile.

Receiving direct mail can encourage your audience to visit your website. Direct mail enables you to target prospects in fine detail, allowing you to target the right people. We have a new service which allows you to profile your existing audience and find similar prospects that match your criteria, whilst adhering to GDPR (call to ask about Partially Addressed Mail), making it even easier to get your profile in front of the right people.

It increases responses.

Next year, 333 billion emails are expected to be sent per day worldwide. This increases the chance of your email marketing getting lost in the plethora of messages being sent per day. However, direct mail is there for the recipient to open and read at a convenient time for them, allowing your messages to be seen and responded to.

Why should you use direct mail?

With an influx of digital marketing, it is easy for your messages to be lost in the online world. It is critical to get your messages visible to the right people, at the right time. This could be parents, students, the education community and private training companies. While email marketing is a simple tool to reach your customers, 63% are more likely to take direct mail content seriously over email content.

At Blue Print, we understand the challenges the education sector face when acquiring new students or learners, as well as trying to keep costs down. Therefore, we will work with you and advise you on how to achieve the most cost-effective campaign and the best results possible. Our direct mail services include design, data cleansing, print, and direct mail production, postage, and postal returns,

What method should I use?

Our team can provide advice on what print is best suited to you. You can request a free samples guide, including samples tailored to your industry, showing you the high-quality print, we can achieve. Here are some ideas listed below:

Marketing brochures

Marketing brochures are a typical method for education advertisements. Touch is a significant advantage to the marketing medium and one that digital advertising can never compete with. School brochures offer unique interaction, unlike online ads.

Partially Addressed Mailing

A cost-effective, highly targeted way to reach prospects. Instead of addressing mail to an individual's name, it is addressed to a pseudonym such as “Dear Student”. It uses existing data to identify addresses that match your criteria, meaning it is GDPR compliant. It also provides great savings as you aren’t purchasing personal data, and it reaches up to 30% more prospects than a fully addressed mailing.

Integrated Marketing

The possibilities for integrating your direct mailing and online marketing are endless. Research has shown that prospects are 25% more likely to purchase from a brand when implementing multi-channel distribution. Our team can provide advice on how to create a compelling, innovative direct mail campaign that will expand your reach and boost your profile.

Utilising direct mail marketing is a great way to boost your profile, especially in our online world. We have over 20 years of experience in providing high-quality, innovative and tailored direct mail services for marketing campaigns. Our mailing house services are available for all education sectors, whether that be schools, universities, colleges or training providers.

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