It’s not too early to plan your Christmas Marketing Campaign

We think it’s fair to say that Christmas 2020 is going to feel very different; that’s not to say it’s going to feel bad, just ‘different’. 

So, with that understanding, now’s the time to get planning your Christmas marketing and advertising campaign.  Indeed, some of the bigger companies with huge budgets will have been planning theirs since Boxing Day 2019! 

With UK consumers usually spending 25% more during the Christmas period, there is plenty of reason to think ahead.  Even more so this year, household budgets are going to be stretched more than before and shoppers are going to want the very best value for money they can get. 

By considering a fully integrated marketing campaign with Direct Mail, Email, Web Post and Social Media, you can get ahead of the rest and show buyers what you can offer and why they should choose you over the competition.

At Blue Print, we can help you with this in the most cost-effective way possible.  We are experts in producing imaginative and engaging Direct Mail solutions which, when coupled with other complementary digital media, can increase customer interactions and visits and, in turn, drive sales.

So where should you start?

Review Christmas results 2019

One of the first things to do is to think back to last Christmas.What did you do that worked?What didn’t work?What were your best sellers?What did you have to practically give away in the January sales? You can always look to develop further what worked and try new approaches for what didn’t.

Identify your audience

Look after your number one client.You will have regulars that like you and like your service, so make sure they are a priority.Look at other types of client you would like to target, perhaps with new products or services.Look at those that haven’t bought from you for some time and think of ways to get them back.

Decide upon your creative theme and offers 

A striking image and punchy headline or offer are all that is needed.Get those right and you’ll be smiling all the way to Christmas dinner.Your message or image needs to prompt a response or create a need with the recipient.They might not act straight away but if it’s struck a chord then it will come back to mind.Use your message to demonstrate how you are different and what value you can bring.You can always make your theme develop from Halloween through Black Friday to Christmas and even beyond to New Year if you’re clever.

Plan timings and get your campaign underway

Once you have everything in place, you can sit back in the knowledge that you have done all the groundwork for a successful Christmas sales period. With our help or through your own efforts, your mailings will land on doormats, your emails will fly into inboxes and your social media posts will be displayed on platforms of your choice.This leaves you able to concentrate on serving the needs of your customers and making those sales.

For many, Direct Mail seems ‘old hat’ and is damaging to the environment.  The opposite is true in both of these cases, indeed with less mail coming through our doors, printed communications are more noticeable and the options can be very innovative.  Moreover, on the environmental front, paper is one of the most recyclable and sustainable products available. 

As the Royal Mail says:

“During a time where everything is online, having something that we can touch, smell, see and experience, feels almost magical. That’s why people love mail. It’s the antidote to our virtual lives, creating real world connections and giving people something they can hold onto. Literally. It’s not just us saying it either, research backs up the power that the physical has. In fact, people of all ages engage with mail – 94% is opened, read, or filed. Also, 70% of people said mail gives them a better impression of the company that sent it, while touch generates surprisingly powerful and long-lasting memories.”

If you’re thinking – ‘It’s only August, do I need to think about Christmas?’  

The answer is YES!  It’ll be here before we know it.