Marketing after Coronavirus lockdown – 5 reasons why you should bounce back with Direct Mail

No one needs reminding how difficult the last four months have been with lockdown and the economy essentially on hold.  Many Business Owners, Directors and Managers are worried for the future survival of their companies and are taking action to shore up their finances, markets and operations.  Those who continued to market themselves during this period will hopefully be seeing the fruits of that activity through customer retention, new customer acquisition and a quicker bounce back to normality.

Right now, however, with the economy opening up again and certain venues allowed to commence receiving visitors and clientele, is the time to get your messages out.  We’re back!  Summer Sale!  Bounce Back Offer!  Visit Us Safely!  Open Now!

One of the best ways to reach your audience and engage them is with printed Direct Mail.  As part of your marketing strategy post Covid-19, Direct Mail will enable you to place your brand directly into the hands of your ideal customers.  Here are 5 reasons why it can help you to bounce back:

An Advantage Over Your Competition

Direct Mail is a trusted format that can be delivered in unique and original ways, cutting through the fast-paced digital world to engage with your target audience directly.  You can plan and deliver your campaign without the competition knowing until it is in the hands of your prospects.  It is an ideal way to deliver important information and announcements in style.

Drive Traffic to your Website and Digital Platforms

Direct Mail is an effective tool in driving your target audience to your website, online shop or social media channels.  Make sure there is a digital call to action in your mailer and watch the traffic volume increase.  With such little mail coming through the letterbox and so much flying through the digital channels, Direct Mail is more effective today than ever before.

Show Your Clients You Care and Increase Customer Loyalty

Customers receiving your Direct Mail feel more valued and it strengthens the relationship between both parties.  They can be the first to get special offers and receive new information and announcements.

Increase Brand Awareness and Generate Sales Leads

Using personalised Direct Mail for the purpose of promoting your brand to future prospects will increase their levels of interest and allow you to engage them in ways that digital can’t.  They will be able to get a real sense of the workings behind the business and trust the message your delivering and in turn customers that trust your brand are more likely to buy from you.

Up-selling, Cross-selling and Partnering

Once a client is on your database, you can use Direct Mail to showcase the products or services that they have not yet purchased.  Incentivise your mailing and encourage your clients to new areas of your business.  If you retail other companies’ products, offer them through your mailing and obtain a contribution to the cost from your partner. 

At Blue Print Direct Mail, we can help by offering a comprehensive range of services to deliver high quality personalised Direct Mail campaigns from just one to a million records.

Creative – design, advice or support
Data – sourcing or audit with cleaning and sorting where agreed
Production – print, matching, finishing and fulfilment
Postage – agreed costs after efficiency savings discussions
Returns – managing gone-aways and related items
Print and stock management – taking things off your hands

If you would like any further information, please contact Jo Widdowson on 07928 827265.