National Apprenticeship Week 6th to 12th February 2023

Young people entering the workforce have a steep hill to climb; did you ever hear these demoralising words ‘I cannot get employment because I have no experience and I cannot get the experience because I cannot get employment’.

During the past 6 years, here at Blue Print, we have given 11 apprentices the opportunity to undertake their training alongside us. This has been across many different functions from printing and administration to account management and finance. We have been rewarded by this investment in apprenticeships with 5 of them still employed here.  The others have been able to use the skills gained whilst working with us to blossom into careers elsewhere and we wish them all the very best for this. We know that we cannot always hang onto talent once an apprenticeship has completed and we enter into the training agreements with this firmly in mind. 

Mr Anthony Drew the MD of Blue Print Direct Mail said “We are on a growth projection with our local, honest and cost-effective mailing services, along with our dedicated and experienced staff. I strongly believe that investing in your people shows in the commitment and the service we give our customers. At Blue Print we have not regretted our decision to employ apprentices and will continue to do so wherever possible”.

As National Apprenticeship Week is underway, we are currently looking for another apprentice to undertake training as a digital print specialist. 

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