Tech and Digital Skills Bootcamp

Blue Print recently completed a bespoke Skills Bootcamp, upskilling five members of their team to utilise a new software being introduced by the organisation. The bespoke Skills Bootcamp, delivered via TDM, focused on the fundaments of HTML and CSS. TDM worked together with Blue Print to create bespoke course which was tailored to introduce members of the team to use code and feel comfortable doing so, enabling Blue Print to get the ball rolling with implementation of the new software and system needed within the organisation.

Operations Director Phil, who took part in the program, was impressed with the results. ‘The company had purchased new software to implement within the organisation, which was built on HTML and CSS. Five members of our team (including myself) were signed up onto the Skills Bootcamp, with only one staff member of the five having had any experience with coding prior. We were able to create a bespoke Tech and Digital Skills Bootcamp with TDM, that was tailored to us, to support us to develop the new skills that the organisation required. To begin, a few of us were nervous about the new software and coding, but the weekly three-hour classroom consolidation sessions were useful in keeping us disciplined and our TDM coach set us tasks to prepare us for the sessions. Everyone has done really well on the Skills Bootcamp, embracing the coaching / learning and the tasks that we were set. Comparing where we are now to where we started is fantastic in terms of what we have learnt. Myself and the other members of the team who completed the Bootcamp are now able to understand and use the new software inline with the business needs.’

For Blue Print, developing these skills in house has removed the need for external involvement, saving time and money and enabling the professional development of their workforce.