The UK Leisure Industry can help save the planet and the people

Holidays are not always about sitting around a pool in a hot climate. Getting to the airport, having to book in at least 2 hours before the flight, paying airport prices for food and drinks while you wait to board. Then there is the worry about security, what can you take and if it needs to go in the suitcase or hand luggage. Arriving at your destination anything from 7 to 24 hours after you left home. Then after you have managed to calm down from the stress, you need do it all again to get back home!

We are all starting to give more thought to our lifestyles, the effect our actions have on our planet and our own health. What we eat and where it comes from (the environmental footprint), the amount of exercise we take and how to keep our minds active as we grow older.

This may be why, so many holidays are now being taken to satisfy our curiosity, widen our interests and to aid a healthier lifestyle.

In the annual review published by ‘VisitScotland’ it focused on vacations for self-development, restorative recreation, with emotional appeal. This growing requirement can focus on hobbies, skills and unique opportunities, ranging from writing and art workshops to cookery courses and outdoor activities. These findings are market led and apply to the whole of the UK Leisure Industry.

*"Green getaways" are for travellers who want to limit the environmental impact of their transport and visit. For them, tourism businesses are being encouraged to demonstrate what they are doing to reduce environmental harm.

According to the review, wellness tourism worldwide was worth £500bn in 2017, and has recently grown at more than twice the pace of tourism overall.

Chris Greenwood, insights manager at VisitScotland, said: "Our annual trends paper is designed to help the tourism sector, showing them what consumers want and inspiring businesses to adapt or develop their products.

"Wellness tourism is a trend that's not going away and is expected to continue growing. With wellness travellers found to be very high-spending, high-yield tourists, there is huge potential for businesses who want to appeal to this market, creating experiences that enlighten the senses and feed the soul”. **

In the leisure industry, it is the customer that sets the trends with the industry having to follow, the recent VisitScotland's analysis of wellness vacationing is supported by opinions elsewhere.

**A survey recently issued by claims to have questioned more than 21,000 travellers from 29 countries about their views and priorities, and the environment was a significant factor:

86%   of respondents "would be willing to spend time doing activities that  counterbalance the environmental impact of their stay,
37%   saying they would spend time clearing plastic and litter from a beach or  another tourist attraction".
42%   say they want an experience that makes them feel like a kid again, led by      millennials and Generation Z.**

Selling the benefits of the UK experience and the effects they can have on these very important issues is vital. The season for breaks in the UK used to be quite short (between April and September), but with indoor activities and extreme sports, this has now created a year-long opportunity. It is so important for leisure companies to promote the positive effects these activities can have on the health of their customers and the planet.

The UK Leisure Industry owe it to themselves, the planet and the people to promote themselves better. Giving the public information and choices to make decisions, whilst increasing the growth opportunities within the UK economy.

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*Source: Analysis by Douglas Fraser, BBC Scotland business/economy editor
**Source: BBC News -