Data for Direct Mail

It is very important that the mailing data used to deliver your direct mail message is as accurate and clean as possible. Sending mail to a deceased contact or somebody who has moved (gone away) can cause distress, along with incorrect postal information increasing the costs of the postage substantially.

We ask you to supply your mailing data file for the direct marketing campaign; receiving your data via an encrypted file transfer. Taking your password protected data file, we audit the entries free of charge within 24 hours.  Using our knowledge of targeted mailing and systems, we then provide you with a spread-sheet of the mailing data entries that have problems. This report shows entries that will cause issues when posted and why; with a price for cleaning to: eliminate/solve the issues, reduce the postal costs and increase the success rate of your direct mail. During this process we give you a price for cleaning the data file to use clean data. This will reduce unnecessary distress, poor brand perception, and reduce your mailings postal costs. If your direct marketing campaign has more than 4000 records, you would also benefit from a postal sort, separating the direct mail into postal areas, to further reduce the mailing costs.

We also routinely perform a ‘Seed report’ at no extra cost; this will monitor when your direct mail campaign drops across the country, enabling you to action any follow-up marketing and sales activity you have planned.

We don’t supply lists (names & addresses), however we can take your data file, audit it (free of charge) to check that it is fresh and then clean (for a charge) if required.

Once the audit is complete (within 24hrs) we will supply a spread-sheet showing how many records flag-up as being an issue and why. At the same time we also give you a price for cleaning and if required sorting (postal) the file.