Direct Mail Order Fulfilment

At the start of the order for a direct mail fulfilment project, service level agreements are put in place outlining such things as schedules, response times, and required reports.

Whether it is a one-off project requiring bespoke printing on demand or a continuum of a direct mail marketing campaign that is released over a planned period; each scheduled date and reporting feedback is meticulously project managed. Direct mail stock management can allow you to order a templated print in advance to gain the economy of scale price benefits and meet very tight schedules. It can also ensure that your brand guidelines and the messaging are met, with the flexibility of individual personalisation to meet each direct mail campaign requirement.

The direct mail marketing personalised print to be matched with your pre-printed stock is produced at the point of receiving the mailing data. This enables any latest offers and up to date messaging to be included in the mail merge, giving you total control of the direct mail, whilst also reducing your stock holding costs.

Blue Print’s storage facility is safe & secure, with steel bars at all windows, internal and external CCTV and area segregated security coded entry systems, with alarm systems linked to the police.

Our professionally trained, conscientious, diligent and knowledgeable operators are fully briefed by your Blue Print project manager on each scheduled direct mail campaign, and therefore, fully understand your requirements. Our unique stock management system accommodates your specific requirements to the letter.  Here at Blue Print we pick and pack mailings orders continually throughout the day on behalf of clients to meet their exacting deadlines.

With no minimum order quantity, we can accommodate the smallest direct mail campaign up to a very large requirement.

We pick and pack orders daily on behalf of clients. At the start of the project Service Level Agreements are put in place outlining such things as schedules, response times and reports. Any paperwork required for the order is printed once the data is received so avoiding having to hold a stock for the order that may or may not happen. It also means if you wish to cross-sell or up-sell we can print the latest offers on our presses at the time of order so again avoiding the need to get material in advance. Storage is safe & secure and there is no minimum order quantity.