Print and Direct Mail Production

When you place your direct mail order we firm up on the production schedule and the required materials for your order fulfilment. Your direct mail project is fully managed by one of our dedicated account managers giving you peace of mind.

Our direct mailing services have dedicated production facility able to:

  • Print full colour on one or both sides
  • Print one colour black print on one or both sides
  • Print personalisation to both sides, any colour
  • Produce personalised saddle stitched books
  • Produce personalised envelopes
  • Offer automated fulfilment
  • Offer hand collated intricate jobs

Personalisation is one of the key factors to direct mail success; making your direct marketing communication targeted, specific and personal (S.M.A.R.T.). To make your mailing really stand out from the crowd ask Blue Print Direct Mail to give you the benefit of their vast experience.

Larger sophisticated mailings:

Some large sophisticated direct mail campaigns benefit from the advantages of ‘Matched Mailer’ technology. Working in partnership with Paragon Marketing Solutions we help you to develop original direct marketing pieces, delivering originality and increased return on investment. You will achieve a format which is unique with interactive features such as: labels, cards, tip-ons, pop-ups etc. The project is managed and produced under one roof, ensuring uniformity and consistency.

For matched mailer special products, we create a true direct mail mock-up, so you see how it all fits together, or we can create a laydown file for your designers to work to.

Blue Print has a well-established relationship with Paragon Marketing Solutions as our senior management worked at the French plant, you gain their first-hand knowledge, getting the best of this high-tech production facility.